Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Trip to Peguis, Manitoba

Unfortunately, . . . laundry follows you everywhere! Jenny & I went to the local laundromat. There were 10 dryers (but only 4 worked) & there were 8 washers (but only 3 worked)! lol!

Bro. Favell & Ben riding through the field in the "rez" truck.

Beautiful wild tiger lilies!

We boiled the roots to make a medicinal tea.
It actually didn't taste too bad!

Digging for Seneca root

My handsome husband!

Jenny & Tatayana with some fox pelts.

The fur loft. The Indians and other settlers would trap animals and
trade the furs with the Hudson Bay Company for necessities.

We ate at this restaurant - named Barney Gargles. Very unique name, but very good!

Ben & Jenny Bridges

Poutine! (sp?) A Canadian specialty!

Welcome to Peguis!


Getting ready to leave for the big trip!

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