Friday, July 17, 2009

Misc. news & pictures

On the train at Erie Zoo

Dandy kept saying, "Hi old man!"

Dandy and Aunt Nell

Dandy & Colton at the zoo together!

Carol (Darin's wife) & Colton are in from Japan, and were visiting with us this week. Dandy & Colton are only two months apart - they had a blast playing together (and arguing, etc.). But all in all they did very well. It was lots of fun to watch them!

The coolest little girl in the world!

At Niagra Falls with the Hardy clan!

Dandy was trying to blow a dandelion puff, but he got the "puff" all in his mouth!

Jaonna's first time in a swing. She loved it!

Learning to eat carrots! She loves those too!

The house my Mom & Dad just moved into - still in Salem! Very nice . . . reminds me a little of the house we built in Tennessee!

Playing in the water at Lake Huron

Can you believe I actually beat Dan by 7 strokes!? First time it ever happened!

An anniversary kiss - 3 years!

On Vacation, we ate at a place called Tony's. This was Mom's BLT with a whole pound of bacon!